Choose to take any 3 of our “Experience San Sebastian” tours and we can offer -10% discount


The 3 trip challenge can give you a truly unforgettable holiday experience with a unique perspective of this incredible area, from culinary taste sensations to getting out into the great outdoors, learning a new sport or experiencing what you love in a different place, whilst completely immersed in the rich culture the Basque Country has to offer.

Discount applies for any 3 tours booked together.

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InTo tHe Wild

Adarra mountain, the highest peak in the San Sebastian belt at 811 metres. A 3-4 hr hike full of surprises and a great way to escape the masses. Starting deep in the rolling Basque hills this diverse trail makes its way through a beautiful, shady, beech wood with trickling streams and birdsong guiding you as you go. Out into the open, over marsh land and meadow you will spot the local wild horses and lots of other creatures great and small. There are also the historic megalithic tombs to discover on the way up. The final climb is a challenge that makes reaching the summit seem all the sweeter with a breath taking 360 degrees view out over the hills and over surrounding area into the blue of the sea.


Set in one of the deepest, wild woods of the Basque Country, we will follow the ancient, railway route that once was used to bring iron from the mines to the city. It as now been transformed into a 25 km winding, peaceful escape alongside the river in amongst the sounds of the woods taking us through timeworn tunnels and into little villages. A great way to get those legs going, escape the masses and the heat of summer in the city.



If you really want to see a different side of the Basque Country, this is a secret we just have to share. We’ll take you to explore the untouched Oria river that meanders for over 80 km before reaching the sea. This really is a special SUP experience where you melt along the stillness of the river between the luscious, most insane countryside without a single sign of people, the wildlife spotting is spectacular all ending up in Orio the charming fishing village nestled in the coast line, where we can organise one of the best local restaurants to top off your tour. This exclusive trip is absolutely unbeatable, one you never will forget and one that we love doing time and time again.