“A trULY UniquE wAy To ExpeRIENCe SAN SeBASTiaN is with our Bespoke ToURs”

We understand you have different interests and priorities and sometimes require Bespoke, Tailor Made Experiences in San Sebastian and the Basque Country. This region is bursting with exciting places to explore and discover. We have curated a wide variety of personal, unique experiences for our guests. By plane, bike, boat, surfboard, foot or four wheels please get in touch with us, tell us what you’re excited about and we can design the perfect, tailor-made tour, corporate event for you, your family, private group or company.

If you’re looking for unforgettable days out, you’re in the right hands. All the adventure, none of the stress with the adventure specialists “Experience San Sebastian”

What to do when its raining in San Sebastian?
Don’t worry we’ve got it covered. There are some amazing plans and Things To Do in San Sebastian when the wet weather hits. From searching for the sun in the beautiful Basque inner regions to creative cultural tours plus delicious food and wine tours to get all those sensory nerves buzzing. We will give you an incredible experience rain or shine and show you what else this amazing region has to offer.
Please get in touch for the complete lowdown on our Bespoke San Sebastian Day Tours and Basque Country Trips.

Want to know more?

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Where will your 2020 adventures take you?

Take a hot air balloon ride at dawn in La Rioja.
Go diving and explore what lies beneath the wildest of seas.
Grab your rod for fly fishing in our beautiful rivers or deep sea fishing in tuna season.
Cycle through La Riojas hidden vineyards in between tastings.
Take the hot seat on one of the traditional whaling boats and race your friends.
Ask her to Marry you at dawn in the middle of La Concha Bay.

We’ve done it all and we love to make your dreams a reality. Just tell us your idea and we’ll do our best to make it happen.