Why ChoOsE Us

We are the San Sebastian active and outdoor tour specialists in the area with passionate local guides who can’t wait to show you our favourite parts of this beautiful corner of the world. We also host authentic sightseeing and food and wine day tours with a real behind the scenes flavour. We’ll give you our personal attention and a unique experience so you can discover the real Donostia and the surrounding Basque Country.
Whether it’s hiking with your friends, stand up paddle boarding in the Summer sunshine, sailing down the coast in our classic yacht or cycling tandem style with your family in the city. With our San Sebastian day tours one thing you can be sure of is an unforgettable, absolutely brilliant day out.

All of thE Adventure, nonE Of the StrESS

Our local knowledge and professional approach means that we can take all the stress away from you. Just leave it to us and enjoy the adventure. We know just how valuable your holiday time is, so our main San Sebastian tours are usually either in morning or the afternoon leaving you a whole half day to do exactly as you please. Get active with us then potter round the streets, do some exploring of your own or just enjoy the luxury of being lazy in the sun.

oUR exPERiEncE

As locals with an obsession for the great outdoors we love what we do. Basque Country mountain biking, hiking the famed St James Way, surfing up the whole coast, stand up paddle boarding down all the main rivers and sailing in the big blue. Sharing a Basque feast washed down with the fruitiest of ciders, lunching on the waters edge with the freshest catch of the day. Having originally done these tours for many years with our friends and families, we would like to let you in on our secrets and share the real spirit of the area, taking you on a extraordinary journey and showing more than just the Pintxo bars. Come and explore with our Experience San Sebastian Day Tours

The Team

BorJa – cO FouNDeR

I’m a local guy born and bred in San Sebastian, the Basque Country. I have always been drawn to the sea and love all the sports that go with that from sailing to surfing and stand up paddle boarding. I also explored all the peaks and trails around here which are absolutely unique and were always a big part of family life when I was growing up. This passion for the great outdoors naturally lead to a career in the sport and lifestyle industry giving me the opportunity to travel whilst doing what I love, from Sales Management to recently heading up the technical team of one of the leading surf brands in the industry. Food is a huge part of my life having been a member of one of the famous cooking societies for the last 20 years, living here it’s impossible to escape the rich culinary culture. I have travelled to many of the worlds oceans and some of the most astounding places on the planet but I always get drawn back to San Sebastian. I feel massively passionate about my city and I will never lose my enthusiasm for exploring the Basque Country and having the chance to share my favourite parts with you.

penNy – Co fOUNdeR

I am a British girl who has been based in the Basque Country for the last 11 years after I completely fell in love with the place and the culture. I was born in England, spending all my Summers in Wales where we were thrown into everything to do with sea, by 10 years old I was sailing for GB then moved onto surfing and snowboarding in my teens which drove me to travel, visiting some of the most beautiful, unspoilt spots in the world. I’m hugely enthusiastic about everything to do with travelling having worked in the hospitality sector over Europe before moving into the fashion industry, recently heading up the womenswear product team for a Global street wear brand. I have a great perspective of exactly what being a tourist in the Basque Country means and how to make your San Sebastian tours as individual, memorable and as special as possible.


I’m eight years old and Penny found me when I was just a few weeks wandering around on my own without a home to go to. I’m not very big but pretty laid back and a friend to everyone. I love the great outdoors too so if everyone’s happy with the idea I’d love to come along on all your hikes and adventures.

At Experience San Sebastian we are fully insured and have the appropriate medical training.